There’s definitely something different about the alluring Swaati. A singer-songwriter who stops you in your tracks, she invites you into her life through her music and her introspective observations can’t help but seep into your subconscious. At times, you feel slightly awkward – her lyrics make you feel like you’re eavesdropping on something intensely personal. Which is exactly the idea.


Born in the rural setting of Cambridgeshire, and later raised in urban London, Swaati was musically inclined from an early age; She was surrounded by old indian folk songs and

her talent was discovered at the early age of 4, when it appeared that she was naturally gifted in playing melodies on her keyboard by ear, (having heard them only a few times, and without any formal training). She then commenced Piano lessons, classicall Indian vocal training, followed the academic path and graduated with a BA Hons in Music.


One listen to Swaati’s voice goes a long way towards defining the long and winding road that’s carried her to this point in her career. It’s all about the stories and the intimacy she brings to a very personal setting. Her carefully-crafted songs speak directly to you – carried by Swaati’s soft, vulnerable vocals and electronic accompaniment. The rich shades of colour in Swaati’s rollercoaster life experience provided plenty of inspirational material, add to this the fact that her recent release, Tone, was a long time coming – having been incubating away for years as Swaati dealt with all the cards life sometimes deals to those of fixed focus, knowing what they want. You can hear hints of frustration throughout Tone, yet without the bitterness that often accompanies it. She seems ultimately grateful for each and every detour.The upcoming release ‘On Fire’; recorded in London with the production house Lodge 92, consisting of Ross Lowe, Kaz & Luke Fitzpatrick, who lend serious skills as both engineers and players throughout the recording. Time spent with them coupled with Swaati’s valuable writing experience provided the musical reinforcement, which ultimately set the course for the track.


Relationships with various producers & artists from around the world blew additional wind into her sails, setting the stage for interesting collaborations down that road. Which is where you’ll find Swaati – down that road, hoping to get her music in front of as many people as will lend her their ears. She’s a disarming vision – an edgy, attractive woman whose soft, innocent voice doesn’t quite match the package. Lykke li meets London Grammer, given the contrast of soft, sweet vocals to a blurred electronic dance backdrop. Yet this finished sound is far from accidental with effects that gently but firmly serve the singer and her songs as it places her within a hushed tapestry of complementary sounds. A sophisticated contrast of softness, vulnerability and tenacity – definitely personal and delicately portrayed.


Her sound is a balancing act of tough, wise worldliness yet vulnerable that makes her a true force to be reckoned with. 

Her voice is soulful – yet powerful and strong, a sometimes a welcome fray around the edges, like the morning after a long unforgettable night.

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